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High Quality Kitchen Knives Material Review

Is there a perfect Kitchen Knife in the world. Hereby let you know about the knowledge of stainless steel which have AUSTENITE and MARTENSITE. The Austenite of stainless steel is not magnetic,and rust resistance is very good such as 304 stainless steel. And the Martensite of stainless steel is magnetic,and the rust resistance is also good,such as 400 stainless steel Stainless steel is also rust if it is not proper to maintenance, the stainless steel contains Chromium to add anti-corrosion [...]

Folding Pocket Knife Handle Material Review

A high-quality blade handle is important because it ensures your grip stays tight on the pocket knife. Each material has its own advantage in terms of performance and comfort, but it can also be a matter of aesthetics and personal preferences that dictate what you decide on. Here’s a brief breakdown of the most common type of handle materials and their characteristics. AluminumLightweight and often coated with a protective film, aluminum is frequently used in newer knives. It provides excellent [...]

Chinese Knives and Sword History For Qing and Tang Dynasty

From the stone knives,bone knives,and jade knives at the beginning of mankind,to the bronze swords and steel knives that emerged at the dawn of civilization,Knives and Swords have gone through the development process of the bronze,iron and fire-arms ages,playing chilling roles in the history of war. By the end of Qing Dynasty,with the end of the era of cold weapons,Knives and Swords ceased to be the main weapon on the battlefield and transition into ordinary life,becoming indispensable tools alongside the unpretentious [...]

What Is The Outdoor Knives

If you spend some time to camping,you may know that it is importance to choose a suitable tool for your hiking.and the right outdoor gear will provide your a enjoyable trip to the wood on the weekend The Outdoor Knives is one of important part of your outdoor gears,and will provide you a multipurpose use in your camping and hiking which can handle a lot of difficult situation,for example camp fire preparation,cut the foods and any other cutting tasks relate [...]