YangJiang Hardware Knives and Scissors Review

In June 2002,YangJiang successfully held the first China (YangJiang) International Hardware Knives and Scissors Fair in the Knife City of China (YangJiang). Since then,it has held annually,becoming the largest,highest-scale,and most influential professional exhibition in the hardware knives and scissors industry in China and even globally YangJiang has been recognized as the base of Knives and Scissors industry and the knives and scissors export base of China, the national (Table & Kitchen) supplies transformation and upgrading base for foreign trade,and the global purchasing [...]

Love To Cooking, Need For A Set Of Kitchen Knives!

When you cooking,how important a handy Kitchen Knife is If the kitchen knives are not convenient for use,maybe you will have a bad mood It is difficult to cut vegetables and meat with blunt kitchen knife and the nutrition of meat will be destroyed, so that the cooking taste will not be too goodMoreover,the material of kitchen knife is easy to be oxidized and rusted,the rough surface of kitchen knife will contaminated with fresh food. It is easy to mix taste [...]

What is The Case Pocket Knives?

Case Pocket Knife has a staggering selection of pocket knives, each available in a variety of sizes, patterns and materials for both the blade and handle. The more popular patterns are generally the Trapper, Stockman, Peanut and Copperhead. The Trapper is perhaps the most popular Case pattern since the early days of the company and averages about four inches in length.  It was designed for trapping and skinning small game and is extremely lightweight.  The Trapper is a jack-knife with a versatile [...]

How To Choose A Kitchen Knife

Where to meet your matchThe first step to finding a chef’s knife that works for you is to search out a cutlery or cookware store (rather than an online or mail-order source) with a wide selection of sample knives that you can hold or, even better, maneuver on a cutting surface. “You can’t buy a knife off a peg board. You need to feel it and talk to someone who can guide you,” says Jacob Maurer, a cutlery buyer for [...]

Yangjiang International Hardware Knives and Scissors Fair

Yangjiang International Hardware Knives and Scissors Fair is co-hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Guangdong Province committee), China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers and Exporters, China National Hardware Association, Guangdong Hardware Association and People’s Government of Yangjiang. The fair aims to exhibit the world’s best hardware, knives and scissors and build a global trading platform by merging product [...]

Pocket Knife Lock Types Review

Lockback At their core, lockbacks (also referred to as back locks, spine locks or mid locks) are simply a derivative of the non-locking slipjoint (see below).  The lock bar is pinned to the scales of the blade, pivoting in the middle, and a bent spring anchored further back in handle provides upward pressure behind the pivot point, pressing the front of the lock bar downward.  In the closed position, the lock bar sits on a ramp in the bottom of the tang which provides a detent [...]

The Best OTF (Out-The-Front) Knives Review

For the uninformed, OTF knives are a type of switchblade – that is, an automatic knife which deploys the blade ‘automatically’ on pressing a button or switch.  Specifically, the OTF knife is a switchblade where the blade simply comes ‘out the front’.  Now, the distinction versus Spring Assisted Knives is that with a switchblade or automatic knife the blade’s natural position is open, and it’s being held closed by a locking spring mechanism that’s released with a button or switch. The button [...]

Why Do You Needs A Multi-Purpose Tools

You’ll be ready for anything. A multi tool can be used to do basic home repairs or it can be used to help you survive in difficult circumstances. If you find yourself stranded somewhere, a multi tool will become a literal lifesaver. Even if the emergency is as simple as needing to open a beer, your multi tool will be there to save the day. You can adapt it to many purposes. It’s not just for survival or repairs. A [...]

Kitchen Knives Manufacturing Processes

#1 Material cutting Stamping machine is directed at the material, stainless steel, and cuts out the shape of knife blade from it. The cutting process is structured designs can be cut out by this process. This process requires more time than press working process using molds, but it is widely utilized in the production of articles of elaborate design, in small-lot production and in trial production. #2 Thermal process The stamping cut knife blade is heated at 1,000℃ in an electric furnace [...]

About YangJiang’s Knives Industrial

Yangjiang is entitled as the city of knives and scissors in china and china Kitchen & Tableware export base ,with many famous industrial brands such as hence adopting the famous names as the Chinese Vegetable Knife Ccenter, chinese scissor center, and chinese Pocket Knife Center, etc. There are over 1,500 hardware, knives & scissors manufacturers in the city, which contribute an annual industrial value of more than rmb 30 billion that accounts for 70% of the national total output, and 85% [...]