High Quality Kitchen Knives Material Review

Is there a perfect Kitchen Knife in the world. Hereby let you know about the knowledge of stainless steel which have AUSTENITE and MARTENSITE. The Austenite of stainless steel is not magnetic,and rust resistance is very good such as 304 stainless steel. And the Martensite of stainless steel is magnetic,and the rust resistance is also good,such as 400 stainless steel

Stainless steel is also rust if it is not proper to maintenance, the stainless steel contains Chromium to add anti-corrosion performance,the higher the chromium content,the better the anti-corrosion. And the Carbon content of the stainless steel providing the hardness,the higher carbon content,the better the sharp retention,but also the more brittle

A high quality of Kitchen Knives are depend on the sharpness,craftmanship and design. The different Material of Knives might be have the same sharpness,but the edge retention have a little big difference. So the manufacturing process is very important to the knives,such as: stampling,polishing,assmbling etc..

What is the best stainless steel for the Kitchen Knives? It is suitable for ourselves is the best one, most of Kitchen Knives is made of 3Cr,4Cr stainless steel in china,which are low hardness and poor edge retention,but the rust resistance is very good and easy to sharpening. And 5Cr stainless steel is same as the 3Cr,4Cr in performance. And High Carbon Steel such as: 9Cr,AUS-10,VG-10 etc. Which has a high hardness and the edge retention is very good,but the rust resistance is not goods

The Kitchen Knives are need for maintenance that must be cleaned and wiped after use,and storage in a dry place,the Kitchen Knives don’t chopping the bone and easy to blunt the blade. So there is a chopping bone knife for this task


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