11 Functions Multi Tool Folding Knife

  • Item#YJYQ180
  • Overall Length: 15.0cm
  • Close Length: 8.7cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Weight: 104.0g
  • Best Use: Camp / Hike,Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Multi Tool Knife
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This Multi Function Tool Knife is a classic stainless steel handle and a 11 function design.The Multi Tool Knife features a stainless steel blade and tools will saw,cut,and tear objects with ease,and the handle has non-slip rubber spot that tough and lightweight construction,and making it easy on your pockets and hands when in usde. The Multi-Purpose Knife still slips easily into a pocket or attaches handily to a key chain and can be called upon when any number of appropriate tasks present themselves. This folding knife is capable of more than your average everyday knife

1. Knife
2. Wood Saw
3. Fish Scaler
4. Scissors
5. Can Opener
6. Bottle Opener
7. Needle-Threader
8. Phillips Screwdriver
9. Cork Screw
10. Awl
11. Nail File