7 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set W/Acrylic Stand

  • Item#YJYQ197
  • Boning Knife
    -Overall Length: 29.5cm
    -Blade Length / Blade Thickness: 18.1cm / 3.2mm
    -Weight: 473.0g
  • Cleaver
    -Overall Length: 30.5cm
    -Blade Length / Blade Thickness: 18.1cm / 1.5mm
    -Weight: 250.0g
  • Chef Knife
    -Overall Length: 31.6cm
    -Blade Length / Blade Thickness: 19.5cm / 1.5mm
    -Weight: 158.0g
  • Paring Knife
    -Overall Length: 22.8cm
    -Blade Length / Blade Thickness: 12.6cm / 1.1mm
    -Weight: 74.0g
  • Knife Sharpener
    -Overall Length: 29.7cm
    -Weight: 92.0g
  • Kitchen Scissor
    -Overall Length: 18.2cm
    -Blade Length / Blade Thickness: 6.4cm / 1.9mm
    -Weight: 68.0g
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Color:  Satin
  • Best Use: Kitchen
  • Product Type: Kitchen Knife Set
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This 7-piece Knife Set comes with 6 different type of tools.each piece is housed in the sleek and modern knife block. With this knife set,you will get unbelievable performance with greater strength,durability,and comfort

Made from high quality stainless steel,these knives are sure to provide long-lasting use. From cleaver knife to Kitchen Scissors, this set is sure to meet the demand of your kitchen. The set includes boning knife,cleaver,chef knife,paring knife,knife sharpener,kitchen scissors. Ergonomic,no-slip handles are comfortable and durable

The Clear Acrylic Knife Block allows for visibility of the knives so that they can be seen for selection and display in a modern,sleek manner,this knife block will help you to easily and quickly find just the right knife to use for whatever you may be cooking