Colorful Bottle Opener

  • Item#YJYQ54
  • Overall Length: 8.6cm / 17.7cm / 17.8cm
  • Width: 5.4cm / 3.9cm
  • Thickness: 1.9mm / 1.8mm / 1.9mm / 3.6mm
  • Finish: Satin / Spray / Plastic Dip Coating
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black, Red  (Color Customized)
  • Weight: 29.0g / 76.0g / 80.0g / 86.0g
  • Best Use: Kitchen
  • Product Type: Can/Bottle Opener
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These are quality Bottle Opener for speed up your bottle service. Its features a durable stainless steel frame with a plastic coating,satin,spary finish, and a classic flat blade of steel with a thumb hole to easily open any bottle with a metal cap

These bottle opener has a attractive appearance and ideal option for bartenders looking to impress the crowd. It easily slips into pockets or attaches to zip string for fast and convenient use