High Carbon Steel Tang Dynasty Sword

  • Item#fx2020032
  • Overall Length: 108.0cm
  • Blade Length: 77.0cm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.7cm
  • Blade Material:  High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Style:  Spear Point
  • Finish:  Textured
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 30.0cm
  • Handle Material:  Alloy
  • Scabbard: Blackwood
  • Knife Fitted: Brass
  • Best Use: Collectible
  • Product Type:  Sword
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This is a high quality Chinese Ancient Sword,with its stunning design and impress looking to impress most of sword collectors and enthusiasts. The high carbon steel blade is engraved with ancient pattern to add touch of antique look

The sword have a stable construction,ensuring durability and strength. The handle guard is made of aluminum alloy with a gold anodized finish,and the handle is crafted from gold anodized alloy aluminum ,providing comfort and style. The pommel also showcases the same gold finish and a unique design

The scabbard is made of blackwood,perfectly matching the sword with its details,offer a safety carry and the gold anodized fittings enhance the quality of the scabbard