Titanium Premium Pocket Key Holder


Titanium Premium Pocket Key Holder

  • Item#YJTL89
  • Overall Length: 90.0mm
  • Width: 25.0mm
  • Thickness: 5.0mm
  • Material:  Titanium
  • Finish:  Gray / Blue
  • Weight: 18.0g
  • Best Use: Camp / Hike,Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:  Key Holder
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The Multi Tool Titanium Key Holder is designed with a Skull pattern which integrate with Carabiner. Made of lightweight,durable titanium with satin finish and its compact size allow you hold it naturally into pocket or outdoor activity tasks

It allows for easy attachment and removal of multiple keys,with no awkward split key ring to fight when accessing your keys. The simple design of key holder not only keeps your multiple key handy,it allow you to isolate and remove any one of them. The carabiner clip can be used to attach to a belt loop,backpack.keeping your keys secure and handy wherever you go

The high quality Titanium Key Holder has gray,blue choose from