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High Quality Kitchen Knives Material Review

Is there a perfect Kitchen Knife in the world. Hereby let you know about the knowledge of stainless steel which have AUSTENITE and MARTENSITE. The Austenite of stainless steel is not magnetic,and rust resistance is very good such as 304 stainless steel. And the Martensite of stainless steel is magnetic,and the rust resistance is also good,such as 400 stainless steel Stainless steel is also rust if it is not proper to maintenance, the stainless steel contains Chromium to add anti-corrosion [...]

Kitchen Knives Manufacturing Processes

#1 Material cutting Stamping machine is directed at the material, stainless steel, and cuts out the shape of knife blade from it. The cutting process is structured designs can be cut out by this process. This process requires more time than press working process using molds, but it is widely utilized in the production of articles of elaborate design, in small-lot production and in trial production. #2 Thermal process The stamping cut knife blade is heated at 1,000℃ in an electric furnace [...]