YangJiang Hardware Knives and Scissors Review

In June 2002,YangJiang successfully held the first China (YangJiang) International Hardware Knives and Scissors Fair in the Knife City of China (YangJiang). Since then,it has held annually,becoming the largest,highest-scale,and most influential professional exhibition in the hardware knives and scissors industry in China and even globally

YangJiang has been recognized as the base of Knives and Scissors industry and the knives and scissors export base of China, the national (Table & Kitchen) supplies transformation and upgrading base for foreign trade,and the global purchasing base for hardware knives and scissors. It has gathered three well-know domestic knives and scissors brand such as: “ShiBaZi”,”WangMaZi” and ”ZhangXiaoQuan”.

In 2021, there were 8,260 main market entities operating in the industry in YangJiang,with nearly 200,000 employees. Among them,108 companies have annual revenue over 20 million RMB,48 over 50 million RMB,and  25 over 100 million RMB. The product variety is over 8,000 and the industry has an output value of over 50 billion RMB accounting for 70% in china and 85% for exporting in China,with the products sold to more than 130 countries and regions. The highly clustered Knives and Scissors industry has become a hallmark of YangJiang and even GuangDong

Millennium hardware knives and scissors in YangJiang never stop forward. Today, the industry aims to be world-class,focusing on enhancing its core competitiveness,seizing the dominant position globally and striving to build the hometown of world’s Knives and Scissors

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